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What Happens at the Venue, Stays at the Venue

What We Do

Wallflower is an event-driven social networking app that puts anonymous chat rooms and private messages in bars and nightclubs, and at special events. Our app provides fun, safe, and seamless ways for people to meet each other and exchange drinks with those around them.

Our team's industry expertise allows Wallflower to carry in-venue social networking beyond its established parameters: our platform uses social media to enhance interactions and transactions by integrating user behavior with industry tools. Wallflower's web- and mobile-based platforms provide robust professional tools for nightlife venues and sponsors, affording valuable insights into the inner workings of events that give clarity to the venue and enhance the club goer’s experience.

Team Wallflower

Theo Sedlmayr — President, CEO & Founder

Theo, a lawyer and active investor/ entrepreneur, founded a boutique law firm in 1995 rooted in music industry transactions where he serves as legal counsel and advisor to numerous award-winning, multi-platinum musical artists, producers, records labels, and various types of entertainment companies. He is a 1990 graduate of the University of Virginia and a 1993 graduate of Boston University School of Law.

Rachel Shannon-Solomon — COO

Rachel, a native New Yorker, brings to Wallflower an eye for design and strategic savvy culled from both her study of art history and architecture, and her prior work experience at a number of leading art businesses. Prior to joining Wallflower, Rachel worked at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, liaising with clients, and assisting with events and extensive pre-sale administration. Rachel was also a founding editor of Tectonic, the interdisciplinary journal of architectural theory and criticism distributed by the Barnard-Columbia architecture league. Her fascination with digital social behavior and event marketing is well aligned with Wallflower. As Wallflower's Chief Operating Officer she oversees venue relations, sponsorship sales, applied social research, product development and event integration. She is a graduate of Columbia University.

Nathaniel Brown — Interim CTO & Founder

Nat, prior to his involvement as the Chief Technology Officer of Wallflower, was a co-founder of rel8tion, which recently sold to Facebook. He was also one of the co-founders and CTO of iLike.com, one of the first music social networking businesses that was acquired by MySpace in 2009. Earlier in his career, Nat earned a reputation as one of Microsoft's foremost technical minds by creating and evangelizing the ActiveX/COM object model in the early 90s. He went on to play a seminal role at Microsoft in the creation of XML, DHTML, and the first XBox. After retiring from Microsoft and before both iLike.com and Wallflower, he served briefly as CTO at CAC Media and informally advised numerous startups. Nat is a 1992 graduate of Harvard University.

Jonathan Rheingold — Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing & Founder

Jonathan, an active entrepreneur and investor, worked for almost 20 years as the Executive Publisher of privately-held Harris Publications, where he oversaw the launch and growth of titles focused on urban music and culture, such as XXL and the celebrated hipster journal, ANTENNA. In 2009, he left Harris to form Musinart, www.musinart.com, one of the largest independent advertising networks focused principally on youth culture, with affiliate sites in which he and Musinart own stakes like Uproxx.com. As special consultant to Warner Music Group's Atlantic Records, Musinart and Jonathan have refined new forms of digital monetization and strategies for the musical industry. Additionally, Jonathan conceived of and is the founder and publisher of Respect magazine, a critically acclaimed single sponsor magazine that highlights the history of music culture from the vantage of photographers who experienced key musical events and interacted with musical legends. Jonathan is a graduate of State University at Albany.

Ethan Hutchinson — Corporate Comptroller

Ethan comes to Wallflower with more than 23 years of experience in business finance. Ethan started his career working for a NYC-based management consulting firm with more than 100 clients representing a huge variety of industries both domestic and international. Among other industries, Ethan developed a specialty in software development and online media, helping the likes of Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc., Medium4.com and DailyCandy, Inc. grow from inception—working directly for their founders—into success stories. Ethan is an 1988 graduate of University of Hartford.

Kristopher Brown — Advisor

Kris, in addition to being Nat's older brother, is a corporate and securities lawyer at Dechert LLP in New York City, where he advises a wide range of public and private companies and venture capital and private equity funds on a variety of complex equity and debt offerings, joint ventures and merger & acquisition transactions. In addition, Kris is an active angel investor and limited partner in a large number of venture capital and private equity funds that focus on a broad range of industry sectors. Kris is a 1989 graduate of Brown University and a 1992 graduate of Boston University Law School.